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Soil and Mulch

Triple Ground Premium Bark: $62.99/ Yard

Premium bark is a 100% bark mulch and our darkest natural mulch. Premium has a fine, stringy, shredded looking texture. Premium bark is a long-lasting brown color and does not significantly fade due to weathering. Due to the stringy texture of Premium, the individual fibers readily interlock, making for an excellent choice on steeper slopes where erosion is a concern.

Premium is beneficial for the soil as it breaks down because it accumulates organic matter and humus which improves the soil microflora. Bark does not deplete nitrogen to the same extent that a wood-based mulch does, which reduces the fertilizer loads required to keep soil healthy. It tends to lead to a somewhat acidic soil over time which is particularly beneficial for trees and woody shrubs.

Premium bark is also noticeably more resistant than wood-based mulches to a variety of nuisances such as fungi, molds, and termites.

Nutri-Peat: $62.99/ Yard

A beautiful all-natural Dark Brown Color (resists fading unlike ground wood mulches). Beneficial Organic Fertilization. Feeds your garden beds with all organic nutrients; i.e. nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium while containing a neutral pH (no chemical fertilizer needed). Compost activity decomposes Nutri-Peat® into Rich Humus. Promotes healthy soil activity, i.e. earthworms and beneficial microbes. It deepens your soil’s tilth and friability by adding Moisture Retention in the planting beds. It also protects plants from stress during arid portions of the growing season, thus insuring your investment from drought damage.

Black Dyed Mulch: $39.99/ Yard

Triple processed, premium color enhanced mulch product in Black. Manufactured by grinding and blending select hardwoods with our long lasting, vibrant and environmentally safe colorants.

Premium Root Mulch: $32.99/ Yard

Triple ground organic root mulch is aged to a darker, richer, and finer texture than most hardwood mulches. This process creates a product that spreads easily and provides a beautiful, natural look.

Top Soil: $49.99/ Yard

80% Loam/20% Compost- Screened, Sand based  topsoil, which is dark in color and high in nutrient values for all topsoil  applications


Free Delivery when you order 5 yards or more of a single product in a delivery (bulk material must be handled in separate deliveries, mixing is not possible). 

Please note, there is a delivery fee if you require less than 5 yards of mulch.

Our dump trucks can hold up to 10 yards of mulch or 4 yards of Topsoil. Our Driver will only deliver Bulk Products to your driveway. Tolls and trucking costs limit deliveries outside of our area.