Educational Gardens

Organic Vegetable Garden

Maintained by our Master Gardener, the organic vegetable garden on our property is truly a delight for all the senses. We work diligently to label our plants to provide an educated browsing experience. 


First off, you’ll notice that the outside perimeter of the vegetable garden is flanked with deer-resistant herbs. Every single plant serves a purpose. Aromatic herbs like Mints, Rosemary, Allium, Oregano, Sage and more are great for culinary and medicinal uses.  We let some of the herbs go to flower to support our bees and pollinators.  Furthermore, Butterfly host plants such as Butterflyweed and Bronze Fennel attract Monarchs and Swallowtails to support our Monarch and pollinator population. 

Inside the gates, you’ll find the right side of the garden mirrors the left. You’ll see that we rotate our crops seasonally. We grow both cool season and warm season vegetables. We use a method called Companion planting where neighboring vegetables and flowers support each other. For instance, we plant tomatoes with marigolds and basil for extra pest resistance. 

You’ll often find a great selection of fruiting heirloom tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, string beans, etc. We also grow many blueberry shrubs and perennial Asparagus. 

We often test new varieties and other exotic selections to see how they work in our climate.

Lastly, we teach classes in this garden to connect families with nature. Stop by today and ask for a tour!

Cut Flower Garden

Our cut flower garden is bursting with color May through June, stop by to admire our assortment! We love utilizing this garden for weddings, bouquets and mason jar arrangements.