Soils & Mulch


Bulk Mulch and Top Soil

Triple Ground Premium Bark
A well-aged blend of selected bark that has been triple ground. It is a rich, dark brown color.

A beautiful all-natural Dark Brown Color (resists fading unlike ground wood mulches). Beneficial Organic Fertilization. Feeds your garden beds with all organic nutrients; i.e. nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium while containing a neutral pH (no chemical fertilizer needed). Compost activity decomposes Nutri-Peat® into Rich Humus. Promotes healthy soil activity, i.e. earthworms and beneficial microbes. It deepens your soil’s tilth and friability by adding Moisture Retention in the planting beds. It also protects plants from stress during arid portions of the growing season, thus insuring your investment from drought damage.


Premium Root Mulch
A combination of roots and selected hardwoods that are triple-ground.  It’s dark brown in color.

Black Dyed Mulch
Premium color-enhanced mulch from blending hardwoods.

Top Soil

80% Loam/20% Compost- Screened, Sand based  topsoil, which is dark in color and high in nutrient values for all topsoil  applications


      Local delivery available for a fee

Bulk Mulch Delivery
Free Delivery when you order 5 yards or more of a single product in a delivery. Please note, there is a delivery fee if you require under 5 yards of mulch.
Our dump trucks can hold up to 10 yards of mulch or 4 tons of soil. Our Driver will only deliver Bulk Products on your driveway.  Delivery cost/minimum may vary if we are needed to travel out of state.

How much mulch or soil will I need? We have a great site that will help you out…





Bagged Soils

Top Soil

Basic Top Soil
A blend of sandy, coarse top soil and redwood sawdust. Perfect to fill in holes, low spots and small excavations.

Monhegan Blend Premium Top Soil
This is an exceptional “approved organic” top soil unlike anything else on the market. It is designed for top-dressing and repairing lawns as well as general purpose use around the garden. Made with a blend of compost, composted bark and peat humus.



Potting Soil

Master Nursery Gardener’s Gold Organic Potting Soil
A rich, all natural blend of finely-screened, composted fir bark fines, worm castings, real topsoil, redwood peat moss, chicken manure, and sand. pH balanced with dolomite and oyster shell limes. Rich in long-lasting plant nutrients. Water- saving formula. Provides excellent drainage. Good for all indoor or outdoor container plants. We carry 8 qt, 1 cubic foot, and 2 cubic foot bags.


Raised Bed Soil

Master Nursery Castine Blend Organic & Natural Raised Bed Mix

An enriched blend of fully cured, locally-sourced compost, peat, biochar, worm castings, dehydrated poultry manure, kelp meal, lobster meal, greensand, lime, and mycorrhizae. Great for growing healthy vegetables, herbs, and flowers.


Soil Amendments

Bumper Crop Organic Soil Amendment

By Master Nursery
A blend of sphagnum peat moss, composted fish bones & lobster shells, composted chicken & cow manure, peat humus, blood meal, kelp/seaweed and aged bark fines. An all-purpose pre-fertilized planting and garden soil amendment. Excels as a nutrient rich top dressing and mulch. All organic ingredients that are great for every plant, especially organic vegetable gardens. Amends clay soil well.


Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost
The original “seafood” compost. Made with chitin-rich lobster blend with peat and compost. The result is a dark-brown, complex soil that drains well and is ideal for conditioning beds and borders. Excellent for high yield, healthy vegetable gardens.

Premium No. 2 Composted Manure
A blend of organic materials, such as compost, animal manures, crop residues. Great for Vegetable gardens and flower beds. Provides them with the most necessary nutrients.

Peat moss
Although peat moss does not contain nutrients, it absorbs nutrients added to or currently present in the soil releasing them over time as the plants require.

Great for improving drainage in clay soil. Ideal soil additive when planting herbs such as lavender.


Bagged Mulch

Brown Mulch
A well-aged blend of selected hardwood.

Black Mulch
This mulch is enhanced to maintain its color.



How much mulch will I need?  We have a great site that will help you out…
Mulch Calculator

Mulch serves two purposes
1. Helps keep weeds under control
2. Protects soil moisture