Flowering Shrubs


Evergreen and flowering shrubs are the backbone of any landscape. Whether it is in foundation planting or a garden border there is a wide range of plant material that can add depth and dimension to your garden. There are two types of shrubs: deciduous and evergreen. Deciduous shrubs such as Lilac, Forsythia and certain types of Azaleas will flower, foliate and then lose their foliage in the fall season.

Evergreen shrubs like Rhododendron, most Azaleas, and Andromeda will feature evergreen foliage all year round, flower, and then flush with new growth by summer. The benefit of flowering evergreens is that you benefit from the best of both worlds – beautiful flowers in spring and evergreen foliage for privacy and structure to support the overall landscape plan.

Evergreens, or conifers, are generally needled and retain their needles year round. Evergreens can function as a unifying element in the landscape, or in some cases, a focal point. These focal points or specimens can add real drama to a landscape.

We carry a wide selection of plant material selected just for our growing zone. With the improvement in breeding techniques, today’s plant material blooms longer and is more disease and pest resistant.

Some new introductions to look for at the nursery include:

Hydrangea macrophyla ‘Endless Summer®’. A mophead hydrangea that can bloom on both old and new wood. The notion was simple and, once the breakthrough was made, the results have been spectacular. The repeat blooms of Endless Summer® truly offer gardeners an endless summer of incredible color. This hardy plant is perfect for everything from foundation planting to container gardening. They even make an ideal floral arrangement or table setting as cut flowers.

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’. An exciting new hardy Hydrangea from Holland. ‘Limelight’ has unique bright green blooms in mid-summer that hold right into autumn, when the blooms change color to a rich, deep pink. The autumn display of green and pink blooms on the same plant is breathtaking!

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